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Tamara  Boivin

               For a Mind, Body and Spirit Workout....

Kuundalini Yoga with Tamara Boivin

What is Kundalini Yoga?
It is "the yoga of awareness". It opens your heart, builds strength and releases the energy located at the base of your spine. Each teacher will bring their own experience to the practice but Kundalini is without a doubt one of the more spiritual styles of yoga. Kundalini yoga focuses on breath and movement and challenges its students both physically and mentally.

Kundalini Yoga is for EVERY BODY :)

Kundalini means "coiled" and is represented by a metaphorical coiled snake at the base of your spine. The purpose of Kundalini practice is to uncoil your snake and release that energy within. Traditionally, we do most of the class with our eyes closed, supporting "going within", taking the time to check in with our true selves .... giving us a space to not worry about what is happening outside of ourselves. Health, strength, fitness and overall happiness benefits are included.

Kundalini is much different than other forms of 'stereotypical' yoga . Expect to dance, jump, hold long poses, and breathe deeply and repeatedly – no two classes are the same (all unique)! It is great for beginners/body types/fitness levels as it has the flexibility to push past your comfort zone as well as offering the ability to go at your own pace or modify to your needs/capabilities. Kundalini Yoga gives us tools to challenge and work on our our nervous systems… for example: the parasympathetic NS is stressed out intentionally in a KY class during the asana (yoga pose) to allow the sympathetic NS to balance that energy/ to bring your body and Ego back to “pause”, “Shuniya”, “0”, balance, rest . Giving you the tools to do this is real life with our day to day struggles…knowing however stressful or bad things might feel at the time…it will end, it will come back to balance, it will serve to show how strong we really are…do remove the ego form the situation and just allow yourself to be. Everything we do in our Yoga class (breath work/pranayam, warm up, stretches, yoga postures/asanas and relaxation) is to prepare us, our mind, body and spirit for meditation.

Kundalini yoga varies from practice to practice. All classes will begin with an opening chant and expect to finish with deep meditation, a closing chant and a song. Expect to focus on your breath (specifically "breath of fire", where air is sucked in and out rhythmically), to move, face, release, and let go. Kundalini has the power to unleash and unlock barriers within ourselves that is supremely joyful and serene.

Each week we will be given the gift of KY with tools we receive through our breath work, moving our bodies in yoga, and meditation. This Yoga is for all bodies, all fitness levels and experiences. You are ALL Welcome.

Join  for a Mind, Body and Spirit workout. xoxoxo


Aquarian Sadhana

A daily practice of Early morning Yoga and Meditation for 2.5 hours.

The Aquarian Sadhana is practiced by Kundalini Yoga communities across the world. Doing sadhana in a group develops group consciousness. A group sadhana practice amplifies the impact of the meditation. Yogi Bhajan said that group meditation not only adds to individual effort, but multiplies it.

In Okotoks, we practice our Sadhana in a group setting the 1st Saturday of each month @ Yogadown Studio on Elizabeth St from 5:00-7:30am.  It is open to everyone and FREE (donations welcome).  Doors will be closed at 5:20am (if you were arriving a little late).  Bring Yoga mat, light blanket, water and an open mind and heart.  

The Hardest Part of this early morning practice is SHOWING UP!